The Families After Trauma Foundation is a Collective.

It is a unified, targeted, strategic response by a global community of professional contractors, practitioners, consultants, political and business identities and parents to a growing concern regarding the intergenerational impacts of trauma on the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our families.

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This Collective formally recognises that the current medical and mental health responses to this expanding problem is not being adequately met by antiquated methodologies, strategies and therapies. Thus, together, they are building bridges at the community level to improve, invest and inform.

They do this through the Foundation.

There is growing evidence from academic and government studies, which demonstrates the specific issues and struggles facing Australia’s military family community. The overwhelming bulk of these issues centre around the wide array of genetically related conditions to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), such as ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Schizophrenia, Bipolar (types I & II), Conduct Disorders, Social Phobia and other emotional-management disorders, which are statistically evident in children and grandchildren of military veterans with PTSD. There is a substantial burden on our mental health system from this apparent neglect. Moreover, the ongoing impacts of military service are not exclusive to the veteran; rather, they impact the entire family unit. Additionally, we work with families and individuals impacted by the genetic effects of various herbicides used during the Vietnam War.


While each member of our Collective manages their own business and/or practice with their pool of clients, the Foundation itself supports and informs over 2,200 families internationally with over 700 of these being Australian.  Each family contains an average of 5 members impacted by one member’s detriment. These figures do not include children and partners from broken marriages. Military families have more than their fair share. This equates to well over 10,500 people we provide support, understanding, guidance and information to.

Our services extend to families with trauma experiences stemming from:

  • sexual assault,
  • armed holdup,
  • hostage situations,
  • suicide/bereavement,
  • depression/anxiety,
  • military history/service,
  • bullying (school/work),
  • aggression/social behaviour issues,

and much more.

We have provided peer support services since 2004 and have guided more than 29 emotionally unstable members through suicidal intention towards healthier alternatives. We provide ongoing post-vention supports to these individuals and their families.

Other specialised, unique services we have initiated include:-

Formally endorsed & supported by the VVAA (National, Qld & Vic)




The Families After Trauma Foundation emerged in 2009 out of a need to formalise the voluntary work of several individuals and families adversely affected by significant life-long psychological trauma originating from military service. Much of this work includes high-level research, representation on State and Federal think-tanks, advocacy, welfare and counselling, training and facilitation and conferencing.

Originally, the Foundation was established to be a formalised and coordinated agency for children of Vietnam Veterans living with the daily rigors of intergenerational and inherited aspects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This group found strong kinship among its members through their powerfully similar experiences and the meanings they derived. They found sisters and brothers related by similar experiences in their parents.

However, word rapidly spread about the effectiveness of the Network and families affected by other military situations sought our specialised support. Soon we attracted requests from families outside the military culture who reported highly similar problematic symptoms plaguing their family for several generations. We found the ability for this Network to be heard in the right places was severely restricted due to its structure, scope and vision.  Thus the Foundation was formed.

Now the Foundation represents the issues, concerns and needs of many military families affectedby the intergenerational impacts of PTSD . We can offer support, understanding, strength, and unity to an extended family of cousins all related by experience. However, our expertise remains in assisting families understand and optimise the intergenerational impacts of military service.





We are truly a Consumer Operated Organisation, run by families living with PTSD, for families living with PTSD.

If you are a health worker, or live with someone affected by PTSD, we welcome you to become a part of our rapidly growing community. Join us in helping defend the families of those who defend us, past, present and future.


Last update: Jan 17 2011


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